15 Best Conservative News Sites (2024)

15 Best Conservative News Sites (1)

Want to read conservative news? We have collected the Best Conservative News Sites.

The sites focus on politics and breaking news from trusted sources and providing views on right-wing policy, red state media and legislation.

Various sites provide updates about the Republican Party and new from conservative, moderate & the republican agenda. From mainstream to off-stream media websites.

Please note, we provide these websites and links as a resource and listing them is not necessarily an endorsem*nt. Media biasis a concern when reading the news, fact-finding and formulating opinions.It can be difficult to quickly find good conservatives websites. Link Queen makes it easy to for you to discover new sites.

National Review

15 Best Conservative News Sites (17)

National Review is one of America’s most influential sites for conservative news, commentary, and opinion.

As an established conservative site, National Review is the place for conservative opinions, has determined the modern conservative movement, and wins widespread loyalty among American conservatives.

  • Daily conservative articles on major political and cultural issues, both domestic and global
  • Blog, Slideshows, podcasts, and videos on political and social issues

Visit National Review

Town Hall

15 Best Conservative News Sites (18)

Townhall, one of the best conservative sites, provides top-notch breaking news with political analysis and commentary. It amplifies the conservative journalism and opinions in America’s political debates and encourages political participation.

  • Read Political commentary from well over 100 leading columnists and opinion leaders.
  • Listen to conservative talk radio that connects the top conservative radio hosts with their millions of listeners. The hosts include Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, and Sebastian Gorka, who are heard on stations nationwide.
  • Participate in a community of millions of grassroots conservatives.

Visit Town Hall

The Daily Caller

15 Best Conservative News Sites (19)

The Daily Caller is one of America’s most significant and fastest-growing conservative news sites. The Daily Caller’s reporting is distributed worldwide to over 20 million unique readers each month through our highly-visited homepage ans its wildly popular newsletters

  • Read up-to-the-second breaking news, and commentary.
  • Read award-winning reporting, entertainment, in-depth investigations such as mismanagement of Republican National Committee funds or revealing the FBI’s interview with Hillary Clinton,

Visit Daily Caller

The Blaze

15 Best Conservative News Sites (21)

The blaze is a conservative site that engages over 64 million people each month and becomes the fastest-growing alternative to progressive media companies.The blaze is always unapologetically pro-America and pro-free speech.

Visit The Blaze

Human Events

15 Best Conservative News Sites (22)

Human Events, the conservative news site, was the favorite magazine of Ronald Reagan.

  • Read high-quality, conservative news.
  • Read opinions for top conservative columnists such as Will Chamberlain, Jeff Webb, Brent Hamachek and Charlie Kirk

Visit Human Events

Right Wing News

15 Best Conservative News Sites (23)

Visit Right Wing News


15 Best Conservative News Sites (24)

WND is a credible, fearless, independent conservative news site.

  • Read hard-hitting investigative reporting of government waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Learn to analyze, understand, and act on the challenges we face in the world around us.
  • Quest to protect your family, engage the culture, speak out against injustice, and fight for what is right.

Visit WND

The Wall Street Journal

15 Best Conservative News Sites (25)

The Wall Street Journal is a financial site with conservative agenda. It has led to chronicling the rise of industries in America and worldwide and covers industries such as oil, entertainment, autos, and aerospace.

  • News about business, the markets, and the economy and the politics behind them
  • Profound advances in science and technology
  • Revolutionary social movements
  • The consumer economies in the U.S. and abroad
  • The fitful march of globalization.
  • Articles about Real Estate and Tech, sport, life, and arts.

Visit The Wall Street Journal

Charisma News

15 Best Conservative News Sites (26)

Charisma News is a conservative news site that informsbelievers with news from aspirit-filled perspective.

The publisher Charisma Media is recognized as one leading charismatic / pentecostal publishers through the Evangelical Press Association. Therefore, If you are a believer, you can rely on Charisma News to deliver the latest news with trusted insight from a spirit-filled agenda.

  • Read the most trusted news and insights from a charismatic perspective.
  • Read what the Holy Spirit is doing worldwide and the latest stories related to “life in the Spirit.”
  • Breaking news coverage 24/7 – Read articles, Listen to podcasts and watch videos

Visit Charisma News

The American Spectator

15 Best Conservative News Sites (27)

The American Spectator Foundation is a conservative news site that educates the public on new concepts, ideas, and policies that favor traditional American values, such as economic freedom, self-sufficiency, individual liberty and limited government.

  • Read Political commentary from established columnists and conservative opinion leaders such as Scott McKay, Larry Thornberry, Melissa Mackenzie and more
  • Read young conservative writers and thinkers that are trained by The American Spectator for careers in journalism.

Visit The American Spectator

All Gov

15 Best Conservative News Sites (28)

All Gov is a news site with conservative agenda that covers more than 250 U.S. government agencies and departments. If you want to find out everything regarding what the United States government does, All Gov is place to go.

  • Learn more about the departments that work under the media’s radar, even when they have substantial yearly budgets of billions of dollars.
  • Read the history of the agency, illuminates controversies relating to the agency and shares critiques and suggested reforms from both the left and the righ
  • Read what each agency tells it does, what it actually does and who makes a profit from each agency
  • Share your opinions and suggestions about what the government should be doing.

Visit All Gov

Drudge Report

15 Best Conservative News Sites (30)

Visit Drudge Report

Looking for the Best Progressive News Sites?

We provide High-quality, relevant websites in each of our categories.Finally, visit our other diverse visual news links collections:Left-Leaning News,Business News,Technology News,Odd News & our page dedicated to Fake News.

15 Best Conservative News Sites (2024)
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