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Chapter 2148 Breakthrough
Chapter 2148 Breakthrough

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[Hint: The player's friendship with the tree spirits has decreased by 5 points.]

[Hint: The player has activated early access to the tree spirit race's exchange system, allowing him to use points to exchange for resources from the tree spirit camp.]

[Warning: The player's current friendship with the tree spirits is below the threshold of 30 points. The player is still in the tree spirit camp. If the relationship is too low, the player will be removed from the camp.]

[Hint: The player's current mission, the tree spirit race's rescue message, has been completed. The player has triggered the mission-Break through the periphery of the research institute.]

Mission title: Break through the periphery of the research institute.

Mission description: The tree spirits want to break through the external defense of the North District's central research institute of OmniTech Company and obtain the Niam alloy in the research institute.

Mission requirements: Assist the tree spirits in breaking through the external defense line of the research institute.

Mission reward: Tree spirit's friendship, tree spirit camp points, possible follow-up missions.

Looking at the game hints that popped up one after another, Fang Heng felt even more displeased.

It was clearly the tree spirits who had tricked him, yet they still dared to deduct his favorability?

“Are you sure that Niam alloy is in the research institute?”

“Yes, we've confirmed that. We tried to sneak into the research institute to steal some of the Niam alloys, but we were discovered halfway. So we used a backup plan to temporarily interfere with the transition system around the research institute and prevent the federal support team from coming through the transition system.”

Senzo said, shaking his head, “Humans are too reliant on the ability to warp with the domain blockade. Once the warp is blocked, no reinforcements will be able to arrive within three hours.”

Fang Heng could not help but sigh in his heart.

It was the tree spirits who had brought this trouble upon themselves.

If they had directly confessed their mission objective, they would probably have completed the mission and left by now.

Fang Heng even felt that the appearance of the tree spirits was only to increase the difficulty of his main mission.

“The interference to the transition system will be restored in an hour.” Senzo's face was cold as he continued, “The reaction after the attack on the research institute was calmer than we expected. Also, some of our people were discovered sneaking into the research institute and are temporarily trapped in the research institute. We need to save our people.”

Fang Heng roughly cleared his thoughts and nodded, saying, “I understand. In any case, you need to find a way to obtain the Niam alloy, right?”

“My people will find a way to get Niam alloy. Now we just need to deal with the human army outside the research institute.”

“Alright then.”

Fang Heng shrugged and said, “We can work together, but I have a request. This time, you have to listen to my arrangements. Have your people continue to attack the research institute first. I need some time. In five minutes, I will move with you. At that time, we will break through the research institute from the front.”

Senzo frowned and stared at Fang Heng for a few seconds.

As expected!

From the moment he saw Fang Heng, he had a feeling that Fang Heng was completely capable of breaking through the defense network of the research institute!

Fang Heng did not choose to help because he wanted to fight for greater benefits!


As expected, they were all crafty and cunning fellows!

Senzo's expression turned colder. He nodded and replied, “I'm not the only one who has the final say in the tree spirit race. I'll communicate with them. I hope you won't disappoint us.”

After saying that, Senzo turned around and gathered behind him.

The few tree spirits who followed Senzo stayed behind and stood around Fang Heng. They looked cold as if they were monitoring him.

[Hint: The player's friendship with the tree spirits -5.]

What's wrong now?

Fang Heng looked at the game hint that appeared on his retina and was speechless.

Which sentence made him unhappy again?

How could their friendliness continue to drop?

It seemed that it was difficult to cooperate with the tree spirits. In short, he had to first think of a way to get rid of the enemies outside the research institute and then get his hands on the Niam alloy…

Fang Heng had already made up his mind and focused his attention on the battlefield.

Soon, the Lickers that had retreated began to regroup.

The tree people in front of them were retreating under the bombardment of the Federation and OmniTech Company's semi-mechanized beam weapons. It seemed that they would not be able to hold on for long.

Several members of the Tree Whisperers Alliance swallowed their saliva carefully and looked at Fang Heng.

This kid was really bold!

How dare he negotiate with an elder of the tree spirit race?


How was he going to deal with so many semi-mechanized troops?

Fang Heng looked up at the vampire's teleportation channel in the air.

One by one, tall figures stepped out of the teleportation channel and fell heavily to the ground. They slowly got up and stood behind Fang Heng.

What kind of monster was that?

The tree spirits sensed something strange and looked in the direction of the red portal.

Fusion Tyrant form!

Stepping out of the teleportation channel, the fusion Tyrant form was huge, at least three meters long.

However, the tree people were not small, so they did not seem very eye-catching on the battlefield.

In just a short moment, hundreds of fusion Tyrant forms had gathered behind Fang Heng.

The fusion Tyrant forms did not join the battlefield. Instead, they lined up behind Fang Heng and raised their hands in unison.

“Chi, chi chi…”

What was that sound?

Yates and the rest of the members of the Tree Whisperers Alliance were not far from Fang Heng. Suddenly, they heard rustling sounds coming from the fusion Tyrant forms. They could not help but look carefully at the fusion Tyrant forms.

What the hell!

Tiny larvae crawled out from the rotten skin of the fusion Tyrant forms and landed on the ground. Then, they quickly squirmed on the ground.


Tiny bugs!

The members of the Tree Whisperers Alliance were shocked and retreated.

Even the few tree spirits who had stayed behind to monitor Fang Heng could not help but frown when they saw this. They instinctively wanted to get further away from these insects.

In the blink of an eye, the ground was covered with dense maggots!

Fang Heng raised his head and looked at the battlefield in the distance.

With the vampire portal skill, zombies in their vampire form could directly pass through the vampire's passage door.

The disadvantage was that they could not carry any weapons.

Without the super-heavy beam weapon, the direct combat ability of the fusion Tyrant form was greatly reduced.

However, after Professor Ding Min's reminder, Fang Heng made some improvements to his tactics and solidified an additional 500 fusion Tyrant forms.

After that, he would leave the fusion Tyrant forms in the basem*nt of the Zombie Apocalypse and slowly accumulate the parasitic worms in his body through his skills.

In the event of an emergency, he could directly pull the fusion Tyrant forms into the battlefield through the vampire's teleportation channel!

The main reason was not to rely on the fusion Tyrant forms to fight but to rely on the accumulation of worms on their bodies!

OmniTech Company's injection was indeed very effective against Lickers, but there were flaws.

For example, when dealing with these worms that covered the ground.

Rely on injections?

“I'm afraid it won't work, right?”

Chapter end


Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game Chapter 2148 – Chapter 2148 Breakthrough - Novel Cool (2024)
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