Here's Where The Stars Of Shark Tank Actually Live - House Digest (2024)


Here's Where The Stars Of Shark Tank Actually Live - House Digest (1)


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Since 2009, America has fallen in love with — or bravely faced — the stars of ABC's "Shark Tank." Entrepreneurs bring their business ideas and inventions to a panel of backers, in hope that one (or all) of them will invest. Though the show often features guest "sharks," "Shark Tank" has enlisted an elite group of business leaders as their main cast. These investors are known for their ability to turn any pitch into a money-making business — which means they've each invested in a fair number of ideas. But inventive, revolutionary products aren't the only things into which they put their money. Each cast member has also invested in their glamorous homes around the globe.

With net worths ranging from $100 million to $4.2 billion (per Hello!), it's no wonder these sharks have some expansive and exquisite homes. Of course, just because the show films in California doesn't mean each cast member lives in the state full-time. Their properties span the United States and Canada — and we've made it our mission to uncover the actual places that the stars of "Shark Tank" call home.

Robert Herjavec resides in a waterfront Newport Beach property

Robert Herjavec has owned multiple homes all around California — but he's held onto few for very long. In fact, according to Variety, one of the "Shark Tank" star's only remaining residences is his Newport Beach property. After purchasing a $14.6 million home in Los Angeles, he decided to sell in December 2020 after only a year and a half. And, shortly before that, Herjavec's ex-wife sold their former home in Toronto, Canada for $17.4 million. This still leaves the shark with a Newport Beach house, though, where he can enjoy the California waterfront.

Prior to purchasing the $14.6 million Los Angeles home (that he quickly re-sold), Herjavec secured an $8 million Newport Beach property. With a private dock and contemporary design, it's no wonder this Balboa Peninsulahome is one house Herjavec didn't let get away.

Per the Los Angeles Times, the home itself was bought nearly new. It features a stone fireplace that stretches from the floor to the ceiling, a luxurious kitchen with an island, and French oak floors. The property's interior is 3,550 square feet — smaller than some homes that his co-stars boast — but has the added bonus of waterfront views in one of California's most exclusive towns. Details also include a cable-railing staircase, picture windows, and both custom tiles and a free-standing tub in the master bathroom, solidifying the luxurious aesthetic of the home.

Barbara Corcoran spends her days in a $12 million New York penthouse

Barbara Corcoran had her eye on her current New York penthouse for nearly 25 years before she managed to snag it. According to People, Corcoran first saw the home when she was working as a messenger — and immediately fell in love. She apparently told the then-owner to call her if she ever decided to sell. Fast-forward a quarter of a century, and not only had Corcoran amassed quite a fortune, but the apartment's owner remembered her.

Though she bought the penthouse apartment for a cool $10 million, Corcoran spent another $3 million on renovations. Per a video tour of the home, it's certainly understandable why the property was so expensive. With views of Central Park and an astonishingly large terrace, the real estate mogul understood the worth of this penthouse from the beginning.

Still, Corcoran put work into her home, renovating a greenhouse-kitchen area that she outfitted with chandeliers. And though stunning, it reportedly caused her several headaches. According to Corcoran, the city of New York asked her to remove the area after she started working on it, "because I had no proof that I had the right to have it." Luckily, a man whom she'd helped find a job 20 years prior popped up in the building department and supported her. As of 2020, the penthouse is worth $12 million — less than what Corcoran paid for it when including renovations, but she'll likely make up for it in time.

Mark Cuban relaxes at his gorgeous Laguna Beach and Dallas mansions

Since 2018 — per an article in Forbes— billionaire Mark Cuban has resided in a stunning Laguna Beach, California mansion. Cuban originally bought the expansive property for $19 million. The home boasts not only six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, but also a library, wine cellar, gym, media room, and a theater. And, as if that weren't enough, guests of the home will also find a glistening pool off the patio — along with an outdoor kitchen that features a working pizza oven. These amenities definitely make soaking up the California sun incredibly easy.

According to the same article in Forbes, Cuban's mansion is located in an exclusive Laguna Beach resort — The Montage. In fact, his property is one of only 13 private residences in the area. So though the "Shark Tank" star has his own pool to enjoy, he also has access to the resort's three pools, spa, and restaurants.

When he's not in California, though, Cuban spends time in his Dallas, Texas home: a 23,676-square-foot mansion on a spacious seven acres of land. Per Velvet Ropes, the property has 10 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, making it larger than his Laguna Beach oasis. He's owned this particular home since 1999, when he bought it for $17.6 million.

Daymond John enjoys living in a beautiful home in New York with his family

Rather than a waterfront mansion or sprawling estate, "Shark Tank" star Daymond John lives with his family in a New York high-rise apartment. Per Hello! magazine, he lives with his wife (Heather), their young daughter (Minka), and two children from his previous marriage (Yasmeen and Destiny). According to Heather's Instagram page, the apartment features a large playroom for Minka — complete with a starry carpet and plush bean bag chairs — in addition to luxe details like a large fireplace and a gorgeous master bedroom.

This isn't John's only property, though. According to The New York Times, John bounces between the city and rural New York, where he spends weekends at his Dutchess County cabin. Here John owns hundreds of acres of land. He fishes bass from the lake, feeds his guinea hens, gathers eggs from his chickens, and rides his bicycle down a few trails. Occasionally, he'll wander along the Hudson River and grab lunch before heading back to his cabin to collect peaches, pears, and grapes from his property.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this property, though, are the bees. After witnessing a company called Bee Thinking pitch its ideas on "Shark Tank," John was inspired to keep his own bees, and he now owns over 1 million bees. For now, though, they stay out of his New York City apartment and solely near his cabin.

Lori Greiner lives and works in the heart of Chicago

Lori Greiner both lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, where she actually shares a desk with her husband. The couple spends much of their time there, but, according to Country Living, they also have another office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, near her QVC home base. In her book, "Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!" Greiner mentioned how she manages to spend so much time with her husband. "Dan is a numbers guy; I'm the inventor," she explained. "That's why we're a perfect team."

Greiner has stayed close to her roots since purchasing a home in Chicago, too. In fact, she not only was she raised in the north side of the city, but also studied at Loyola University in the area, as noted by Country Living. And, thanks to herInstagram page, we often get a glimpse into the shark's Chicago home. Greiner regularly posts videos from her bed, offering followers exclusive peeks of her apartment. From the tufted cream headboard in her bedroom to her neutral couch, it's clear that Greiner keeps many aspects of her home minimalist — but definitely luxurious.

Kevin O'Leary has a few places he can call home

Though he's originally from Canada, Kevin O'Leary splits his time between properties in both his home country and Boston, Massachusetts. According to Pop Culture, O'Leary's Canadian home features a stunning lakefront view. When posting an Instagram photo of Lake Joseph near his property, O'Leary wrote, "I call this the 'Wedge.' It's [a] natural phenomenon of nature located where our lake house home is situated!" Of course, the view of the lake is just as stunning when it's snowing — as fans could see onO'Leary's Instagrampage.

But his property in Canada isn't the only place the shark lives. He's spent more than 20 years living and working in Boston, according to the Toronto Star. O'Leary moved to Boston with his wife in the 1990s, and since 1999, the couple has been residing in a 2,300-square-foot brownstone on Marlborough St. A short ways away from the Boston Public Garden, this exclusive location is known as the Back Bay.

If you dig little further, you'll find that O'Leary also spends time in a Miami, Florida studio. According to his Instagram, the "Shark Tank" star quarantined while in this property during March of 2020. And though the apartment seems to get a bit messy, it's easy to look past the clutter and admire the ocean view. The decor itself seems to be minimalist, but the luxurious kitchen counters bring an elegant look to the space.


Here's Where The Stars Of Shark Tank Actually Live - House Digest (2024)
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